Billy Reid’s Florence

Tour Guide


Billy sits outside Pegasus Records on Tennessee Street. Photos by Abraham Rowe

As we ready ourselves for Shindig No. 6 this weekend, we wanted to share some of our favorite restaurants, music venues, shops, and things to do and see in and around Florence. There are many reasons Billy established his flagship store and corporate offices in North Alabama, and a strong-knit community is definitely one of them. As you see from our list of independently owned and operated businesses, many of the proprietors are friends with a shared vision for building and maintaining our beloved Shoals. Here’s a brief guide to our Florence, Alabama (and beyond).


Danny Clinch

Shindig Special: Craftsman


Danny Clinch gives his new book a once over at his studio in Manhattan. photos by Nina Westervelt

Our annual Shindig is a celebration of the creative culture that informs our company culture and serves as a touchstone for our overall aesthetic. Music and photography are integral to the experience. So asking famed photographer Danny Clinch to exhibit work from his upcoming monograph at this year’s gathering was a no-brainer.

Lucky for us: Danny, one of his generation’s most prolific photographers, having shot generations of rock groups and world-class icons over his 30-year career - think Johnny Cash, Pearl Jam Tupac, Tom Waits, Bjork, and Bruce Springsteen, to name a very few - was more than happy to play along.

"Still Moving" is both the title of the book and the public installation at our Florence store that Danny very kindly agreed to share with our community and weekend guests next Friday and Saturday. As an added bonus, on Saturday night the studio will host an artist Q&A with Danny moderated by noted photography expert Susan Sherrick, partner and director of Sherrick & Paul, a new gallery opening this fall in Nashville.

The show will hang in the photography studio attached to the store at 114 North Court Street in Florence, on Friday and Saturday, August 15 & 16, from 10 am to 5 pm. The Q&A will take place at 7 pm on Saturday. All events associated with the exhibit are free and open to the public.

In advance of his show, Danny was happy to welcome fellow photographer (and our friend and frequent Journal collaborator) Nina Westervelt, into his NYC studio for a little shoot, not to mention indulge the Journal in a pre-Shindig Q&A session. Consider it a warm-up for next Saturday night’s festivities…


Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes



Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes. photos by Abigail Ross

Earlier this summer, we had the pleasure of sitting down in Nashville with brothers Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes while they were on the road with Conor Oberst. We were sitting on Conor’s bus outside The Ryman, where the same week a year ago Dawes themselves had played an epic show to a sold-out crowd. That was a magical night, and it ended with everyone dancing and jamming on stage at The 5 Spot in East Nashville until the wee hours.

It was a special feeling, then, to be back talking with these guys about their lives as artists and true craftsmen for the Journal. The Goldsmiths are some of the kindest gentlemen you’ll come across, and they’re very humble about the success they’ve achieved.

Below, an edited version of our chat, accompanied by wonderful photography from Los Angeles-based photographer Abigail Ross.


Taylor Tehan’s Austin

Tour Guide


Checking out the record selection at End of an Ear Records. Photos by Matt Rainwaters

Growing up in rural Texas, Austin was the place in which those who were strange went to find solace from their conservative counterparts. Naturally, I gravitated to Austin at an early age. The city is changing rapidly, but the bones of what have always made the city ‘weird’ still remain. There are so many places and people that I have grown to love over the years. To list them all would take far too much time. Here are a few.


Shindig No. 6

August 15 & 16, 2014


It’s that time of year again.

For the past six summers, the Billy Reid Shindig has welcomed hundreds of friends, family, and fans to The Shoals, Alabama, for a weekend of music, food, fashion, and community. (To get a taste of what happened last year, check this out.)

Today, we’re excited to announce the dates for the 2014 edition of our annual warm-weather gathering, slated to take place just a few short weeks from now, on Friday & Saturday, August 15 & 16.

To celebrate our company’s tenth anniversary, Shindig 2014 will be a time to recognize achievements and toast new beginnings, in the good company of our extended family and friends. Among them are some of the country’s top chefs and musicians, including this year’s headliners: Wild Cub with The Apache Relay, who will play Shindig’s headlining concert event at the historic Shoals Theater on Friday night.

Keep an eye on your email inbox, and Billy Reid social media channels for an expanded schedule to post sometime over the next few weeks. And watch the Journal for exclusive Shindig 6 content featuring our esteemed guests.

Until then, you can get a head start on the weekend by buying advance tickets to see Wild Cub with The Apache Relay here. Don’t wait too long: these shows sell out - just ask Alabama Shakes, who sold out the house when they played to a capacity crowd as headliners at Shindig 4.

See you next month!

Classic Moto + Romy Monkstrap

As Worn By: Caroline Allison


Caroline Allison wears our Classic Moto jacket. Photos by Andrea Behrends

A few weeks ago, we snagged some friends to photograph for our second As Worn By series, in which Billy Reid customers model selections from the current collection. Bonnaroo was the uniting factor, providing the perfect excuse for us to invite friends and musicians together for a bowling invitational at The Pinewood Social as they rolled through Nashville on their way to the music fields of Manchester, Tennessee.

This post marks the first of several that will highlight key pieces from the Billy Reid SS14 collection worn by our friends that evening and photographed by Andrea Behrends.

Name: Caroline Allison

Occupation: Photographer

Hometown: Atlanta

Wearing: the Classic Moto Jacket in Navy and the Romy Monk Strap

Her personal style: If I could live in a uniform I would. I basically wear the same thing every day – a button down shirt and jeans - with sandals in the summer and boots in the winter.

Years in Nashville and current ‘hood: I moved to Nashville in 2006. I live in the 12 South neighborhood with my husband Nick and two kiddos.

Favorite Nashville music experience: That’s hard to choose in this town but I would say it’s a toss up between John Prine’s Christmas party at the Station Inn or Marty Stuart’s Late Night Jam at the Ryman.

Favorite weekend activity in Nashville: Our weekend activities are a little narrower in scope then they used to be, with a two year old and an 8 month old. But, we usually hit the flea market on the 4th weekend of the month. Walk down 12th for coffee on our way to Sevier Park with a stop at Las Paletas for popsicles, working in the garden, cocktails on the porch with friends.

New discovery we might not know about: The new Barista Parlor opening next month in the Gulch is going to be a great hang.

Three words that describe Nashville: Mythological, Inspiring, Authentic


Tim Coppens



Designer Tim Coppens, winner of the Council of Fashion Designers of America’s 2014 Swarovski Award for Menswear, in his studio in lower Manhattan. Photos by Chad Davis

In early June of 2001, Billy received the first of three honors he’s received from the Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA): the Perry Ellis Award for Menswear, presented to an “emerging” U.S.-based designer who CFDA members agreed show great talent and exceptional promise in the fashion industry.

"The Perry Ellis Award really changed our expectations," says Billy, who won for the menswear designs for William Reid, his first fashion company. "It helped build a tremendous foundation of relationships for us. The CFDA does such wonderful things for our industry and for up-and-coming designers, and I’m not sure where we would be without their continued support."

Thirteen years later, Belgian designer Tim Coppens is feeling much the same way. Earlier this month, at the 2014 CFDA Awards ceremony – a gala event widely referred to as the “fashion Oscars,” held each June at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall - Tim picked up the modern-day equivalent of Billy’s earliest industry honor, now called the Swarovski Award for Menswear. (The Austrian gemstone company replaced Perry Ellis as sponsor of the honor several years ago.)

Born and raised in Belgium, Tim is a graduate of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp. After graduation in 1998, he worked with various luxury and sports-performance fashion brands before founding his own label in 2011.


The Stadium Blanket

Billy’s Design Notes


Billy demonstrates how to fold the Stadium Blanket into a packable tote bag. Photos by Bradley Dean

Part blanket, part bag, and fully totable, our Stadium Blanket is an informed collision of form and function. Used as a bag, it offers an easy way to pack for a festival, picnic, beach or camping trip that doubles as a ground cover. Because it’s such a unique blend, the Journal asked Billy to share some design notes on the Stadium Blanket, a limited edition item currently available in our summer collection. Here’s what he had to say.

The idea to create a piece like the Stadium Blanket was one I had toyed with off and on for a few years. For the past few summers, Jeanne and I have had the pleasure of attending Newport Folk Festival in Rhode Island, and I often found myself needing something like the Stadium Blanket there. Newport can be chilly and damp even in July and I wanted a blanket that could handle the wet ground and keep us dry as we moved around from stage to stage. I also wanted something to carry around our belongings - rain ponchos, sweaters, sunscreen, T-shirts we’d purchased at the festival.


Shelly Colvin X Bleached Denim Workshirt

Well Worn


Our very own Shelly Colvin rehearses in Los Angeles in some of her favorite Billy Reid staple pieces. Photos by Abigail Ross.

"Well Worn" gives our friends the chance to share the back-story of their special attachment to a favorite Billy Reid item. This week, our music events and artist relationship guru Shelly Colvin tells us about her love for the Billy Reid bleached denim workshirt.

These photos were taken during a session that was intended to feature the style of my friends Taylor and Griffin Goldsmith of Dawes (Spoiler alert: stay tuned to the Journal to read that piece later this summer). We were in Los Angeles at the Alley, a legendary rehearsal space, preparing for my Stagecoach performance, and the photographer was there to capture shots of them in action. At the time, I had no idea I was being photographed. However these shots do capture me in a very honest, natural state…. in a rehearsal, wearing my most comfortable clothes: a Billy Reid bleached denim work shirt, jeans and roper boots.

I don’t like fussy clothes. I prefer simple, comfortable fabrics and shapes that allow me to make a statement through accessories. I believe clothing shouldn’t take away from our natural beauty, but should subtly drape the body and allow 
room for individuality. We are all canvases.


The Flora Shirt

As Worn By: Sarah Pedinotti


Sarah Pedinotti, wearing the Flora shirt from our SS/14 women’s collection, on Bond Street in New York City. Photograph by Nina Westervelt

The sixth post in a series celebrating key pieces from the Billy Reid SS14 collection, worn by friends and customers of our New York City shop and photographed by Nina Westervelt. Today, musician Sarah Pedinotti wears our Flora shirt, which features a geometric mustard and white scarf print.

Name: Sarah Pedinotti

Occupation: Front woman for the Brooklyn-based experimental pop band Lip Talk. (New York friends might recognize Sarah from our Bond Street store, where she works part-time.)

Wearing: Our Flora shirt in a gold scarf print, with our Maxine pant and Lena dress layered as an overcoat. Says Sarah: “Jimi Hendrix would probably wear this, so that’s awesome.”

Her style: “Norm-core meets a creepy preschooler who believes in magic and superheroes and just learned to dress herself.”

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York

Three words that describe your relationship with the City: Delicious, nutritious, carcinogen.

Her neighborhood and why she loves it: “I live in the industrial zone on the border of Greenpoint and Bushwick/East Williamsburg. The scrap metal shops and stray cats are pretty friendly. But really, the old trees in McGolrick Park have the most redemptive quality. When I see them, I like living here.”

A great “only in New York” experience you’ve had recently: “There was something very New York about meeting Kenny Wolleson for the first time. He’s an incredible drummer/percussionist/artist who, since the early ’90s has been a huge part of NYC’s avant-garde, downtown jazz, punk and everything-in-between music scene, playing with Tom Waits, Sean Lennon, Ricky Lee Jones, John Zorn, and many, many more. He’s also in Sex Mob. Anyway, one night I unexpectedly got a call from a drummer friend, Jeremy Gustin, asking if I’d like to have dinner in the West Village with him and Kenny. I’m biased, obviously, but real musicians are often very interesting humans, and Kenny is the real deal: very humble and kind, but so creative and badass.”